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A chemical strip certainly does sound like the best way to start.  In this case the finish is mechanically sound, but the wood underneath has gone from rich brown to pale yellow.  I am assuming that the mahogany is similar to teak, in that the sun faded wood is very thin, and very light sanding will restore it to its original appearance.

I have gotten pretty good at matching the "look" of the Amel finish, although it it a very time consuming process! I would never try to patch the middle of a panel, but for individual parts it can be done pretty well.

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I have done some extensive interior boat reconditioning since I once refitted an old Cheoy Lee. Matching faded teak panels was unfortunately something I became quite good at. There are many products on the market to help do this. My favorites were varnish and polyurethane finishes that contained tint or where tint could be added. With a little bit of patience and mixing, matching the finish with additional top coating can be accomplished.


Also, I would not recommend sanding any veneer product to remove the existing finish. A chemical stripper will give much more control and protect the mahogany veneer should you find it necessary to remove the old finish. Hopefully you can get by with a light hand sand and a couple of additional top coats.



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If anyone repaired sun fading of the interior mahogany, is the fading shallow enough that there is a chance of sanding to fresh wood without going through the veneer?


We have some fading right around the cabin side deadlights.  It would be easy enough to re-veneer if needed... but I am kind of hoping it is I can squeak by without that...


Bill Kinney

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