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My guess is that you removed it when you or someone else removed the companion way door for refinishing. I have something like it that is knotted through a small hole to the port side of the companion way steps. Check to see if you have an open hole drilled an inch or so lower than the top of the athwartships support panel to which the stairs are affixed. 

Steve Morrison

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Wild guess from me: That is not an Amel original piece of equipment. My conclusion is based on the species of the solid piece of wood, AND, the edge of the plywood was cut with a too coarse of saw blade.


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Here is something that we have had buried in a locker since we bought the boat.  Every time I touch it I scratch my head and try to imagine where it might go or be used for.  Well, my imagination has failed me, and I am turning to the Amel Hive Mind...

A piece of plywood with a flange of solid wood along one long edge, with a loop of cord attached.  The wood and plywood are all look like Amel original.  It is not finished to furniture standard, but rather to the standard that Amel used for "hidden" parts..

Bill Kinney

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