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The gear box should be filled with 90 gear oil and not grease, since the electric motor is set to turn at approx. 2800 RPM
SDT, Mango # 51

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Hi Haje

I refurbished the furler gear box on my sharki last year. Its not difficult. I took my mast down to do it, but I believe it would be possible to do with out de-masting. You will need to free up the fore stay. Corrosion, off course is the big problem, and things may not want to come appart for you. In the end you may have to demast in order to work on it. There is a shear pin under the manual furling wheel. Punch it out and the gear box will be free. Alternatively you can drill out the rivets where the manual furling wheel connects to the furling drum. Once you have it off the stay and on a work bench its much easier. Remove all the access plates, the old seals etc. It was not necessary for me to remove all the gears as everything inside seemed in good condition. In my case the seals where gone and the unit was leaking oil. I flushed it repeatedly, checked all the bearings etc and replaced the seals and repainted the exterior. I would also suggest
refilling it with grease on the work bench and use the top access hole to "top it off" after you have ran it a couple times. The other thing I did was to change all the screws to the Allen key type. They are so much easier to get undone if you ever have to access it again. There has been some discussion on this board as to the type off grease to use. I don't believe a consensus was ever reached but I think the main thing is to use a viscous silicon based water proof grease. Someone else may have a particular brand that seems to work best.

I would also suggest if you are going to all the trouble of taking the gear box off you may want to check over the swivel. The seals where gone on mine and this caused the bearings to rust and the swivel to sieze most unexpectedly. Its much easier to do it know when you have everything apart.

Good Luck!!!!!!

Tom Fisher
Sharki #142

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Our transmission of the electric furler got stuck. We just
bought 'Charmed' #104 and she was for sale over two years. So probably
a bit rusty furler. The engine I took of and it will be new tommorow
(I'll post the ID number of the Bosch and a replacement link).

I there anybody with a instruction how to take the aluminium housing
of the forestay and service it? Any suggestions how to do this?

Charmed in many ways, Hajé

Sharky #104 'Charmed' 1984 Rotterdam, Netherlands

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