Barnacle Buster Alternative--Hammerhead Marine Descaler


I have not used Hammerhead Marine Descaler but a friend who is a boat mechanic recommended it to me saying that it will not attack metals or pose a hazard to skin and eyes.  Literature states " By binding only with calcium, remaining minerals and deposits held by the calcium are released to rinse free without harm to equipment. Hammerhead Marine Descaler does not oxidize, corrode or attack metals found in water systems. When used as directed, it is safe for copper, rubber, gasket materials, steel, iron glass and various materials used in conventional heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and other water operated equipment"  He also told me that Yanmar recommends it but I can find no such statement using Google.  Maybe someone in our group is familiar with it.  We only use frequent fresh water flushes (when docked or anchored more than 3 days) and a Salt-A-Way mixture.  Anyway, maybe someone in the group has used it or knows more about it.


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