run away windlass

Duane Siegfri

I was raising the anchor today and the windlass continued to pull chain after I let go of the button.  To turn the windlass off, I had to turn the off breaker (marked Jib/Windlass) in the fwd cabin.  The Windlass ON/OFF switch in the forward cabin did not turn the windlass off.  If I turn the breaker ON the Windlass runs no matter the position of the On/Off switch.

Using a continuity check, it appears the buttons on the windlass are operating normally.  

I thought that perhaps the switch at the helm was the issue, but after I disconnected all the wires to that Up/Down switch the windlass ran unless the breaker was turned off.

I removed and tested the On/Off switch in the fwd cabin and it appears to be operating normally.  It turns off both legs of the DC Circuit and there was no continuity from positive wire to positive wire with the switch Off, but there was continuity with the switch On.

I would truly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.


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