Re: Mechanics in Leros, Greece

Craig Briggs

Hello Hajo,

While there are some good mechanics at Leros Marina and, arguably, some better ones at Agmar Marine Lakki Partheni Boatyard (next to the airport) who will all tell you they are experienced with Amels, you will likely be better off doing the seals bearing and bow thruster work yourself, if you are capable. 

Best, Craig Briggs SN68
PS They did a super job sandblasting and recoating my keel, plus some perfect stainless rail repair and I observed much more excellent work they had done. You must supervise closely lest work be done that you did not ask for and you should get everything in writing before work begins, including price.

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Hello Amelians,

we reserved a winter berth in Leros Marina and next year we have to do some work at the underwater ship ( Antifouling, Prop shaft seals replacement, Bowthruster, possible Volvo TMD 22 check, etc. )

I guess that some of you had been in Leros. So it would be great if someone can give me an advice which mechanics are experienced in Amel yachts here in Leros.

Thank you very much in advance.

SM 150 Serafine

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