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James Alton

Hi Bill,

  We have owned a number of classic wooden vessels with lots of exterior varnishwork along with customer boats with even more.  Mahogany (especially African and Phillipine) tend to lighten and turn sort of a blonde colour when exposed to UV for a while.  We often used a filler stain on the wood under the first coats to help stabilize the colour.  I don't think that Amel stained the wood in our boat however which actually makes repairs easier. When the wood colour changes on the exterior trim, you don't notice this too much when all of the finish is exposed and aging at the same rate but if you have a damaged area to repair it will be quite noticeable if stripped bare to the original colour.  The repair will slowly begin to blend in with the rest as time passes.  We have stripped down a number of areas of varnish on SUENO and restored them.  Perhaps the situation in our case might be similar to yours.  The interior as a whole looks great (little to no colour change detectable to my eye) except for the openings where the UV has gotten in through ports and hatches and those are the areas being refinished.  The good news about wood is that the UV damage tends to be very superficial so careful removal of just the finish by mechanical means such as dry scraping (good scrapers and lots of care) followed by a light sanding with fairly fine paper say 220 and up is enough to restore the original colour of the wood.  The areas that we have refinished to date using Epifanes clear varnish have blended in pretty nice so far.  It is very important to keep in mind that you are working mostly on thin veeners so be super careful not to gouge and only hand sand around radiused areas to carefully control the rate of wood removal to the minimum.  We keep the curtains closed for the most part and also have covers for all of the hatches that are used when the boat is in storage.  Varnish lasts almost forever if you can protect it from the UV.  Best of luck to you.

James Alton
SV Sueno
Bizerete, Tunisia

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If anyone repaired sun fading of the interior mahogany, is the fading shallow enough that there is a chance of sanding to fresh wood without going through the veneer?

We have some fading right around the cabin side deadlights.  It would be easy enough to re-veneer if needed... but I am kind of hoping it is I can squeak by without that...

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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