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I have put up to date my Euros and it is a very strong boat. You can
see the plans in the documents area of the group. In my opinion it
gives you more shelter at the cockpit. The hull shape and keel also
should give a different behaviour. It is much more simple (previous
generation) and the beam (3.3 m) and the rear cabin are smaller than
at the sharki. Your wife will appreciate the 3.6 m beam and the
larger rear cabin of the sharki.

However the price is very different. I have put to sale my Euros by
49000 eur at this moment and a Sharki can be more than 120.000 euros.
If you can afford it.

I will upload sharkiĀ“s plans for you in a separate folder.

Best regards
Jose Luis

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Hey Folks,

We are looking at two boats for purchase; a Sharki and a
Euros. The Euros has the prop' in an aperature and may keep line
(lobster pots) out of it, plus it is cheaper. The Sharki is in the
same condition as the Euros (they both need work). The plans are
for the wife and I to step up from our Pearson Vanguard to one of
these boats for our off shore cruising. While there is a
considerable price difference, The Sharki is the more alluring of
the two. We don't need, and probably can't afford a larger boat
(got to preserve the cruising kitty). I sure could use some
I am boat and systems knowledgable, but not about Amels, and I
have to tell you about the lack of information about them. We had
been waffling about pilot house or not, and many other options that
the Amel line seems to agree with us on. I am 50 now, and really
don't wish to sit in the elements to helm any more than necessary
(I'll do it, but can't expect it out of the wife). With the
Vanguard we are planning to stick to the Caribbean, but with an
the world opens up. Please tell us about any common problems and
what you think of the boats in general. Any owners of the above
boats who wouldn't mind further contact for a chat would also be

David & Brenda

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