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I think the bigger decision really depends on where you plan to take your boat. One of the reasons boat manufacturers chose Yanmar, Volvo, Onan etc. is because of the global network of distributors. I think if I were in your shoes and were serious about these boats offered for sale, I would ensure I had a good comfort level about being able to service the engine and obtain parts in remote places. That is if you place to go to remote places.



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I am on market for Amel  and there are two boats in which I am interested in.
The question is about engine. Both got Steyr 140hp engine.
As this is not very popular one in  marine industry I wonder if were there any issues with this engine?
Does it need any extra service or maintanence?
Working hours are low as 1900h so does not look bad.
I know Steyr as truck but not yacht engine anyway it had well opinion.


It is my first time on such Yahoo group so if I've posted something wrong let me know.

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