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Hi Mohammad, hi Aty,


I stay in the Marina Lefkada in Lefkda for many years. It is a very safe place with nice people and some companies, which can provide service. It might be not the cheapest place but I think the prices can be negotiated (ask Mr. Spiros Dallos, the manager of the Marina Lefkada). It is quite full in the summer but I think there should be places in the winter. There are 4 to 5 buses to Athens every day and some flights to different locations from the airport in Preveza (around 25 minutes away from the marina). They can also lift the boat out of the water but have limited space on the ground. The city of Lefkada is only minutes away and offers good supplies for most of the things one needs. There are several ship chandlers in town.


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Hi everyone;

We are looking at leaving our boat in the Greek Ionian for this winter. We would appreciate all input about possible locations. We will not be wintering on board, so we are mainly looking for a safe, secure and reasonable location. It would be nice to have some services available but it is not critical.

Thanks in advance.


Mohammad and Aty
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