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james Hosford

Thanks Bill,  i agree i dont care for the light wood option in the new 55s,  but thats ok those are way out of my budget any way.  Was mostly interested in the difference between the sm and the 54 do prefer the dark wood and the more white fabrics of the 54 but wasn't sure if the 54 was as tried and true as the sm.   Some things quality goes down as you get newer    

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I once was with the largest group of furniture manufacturers in the US. We owned companies like Drexel Heritage and Henredon. I would place Amel's interior construction and finish with some of the best.

I saw an Amel light-finish interior. I didn't like the appearance because it was plain and plastic-looking. The species of wood and veneer Amel used with this "light finish" had very little character. It almost looked artificial, similar to a manufactured laminate. There are people who prefer this stark neutral look and that market is growing. Possibly this is what was referred to earlier. 

There is no way to get the beauty and character of the Amel interior without using veneers. Also, it is evident that someone at Amel has excellent skills  in the initial selection and layout of veneer  


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Hi. Be encouraged Paul. Plywood is much stronger than solid timber because of the grains in each ply lying differently. And good Maine ply uses very good glues to hold it together



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Thanks Kent and thank you to you as well Alan. I don't know why, but for some reason I thought everything was solid Mahogany.

Looking more closely at the hand holds it is evident that the bulk heads are not.

I learn so much being a part of this forum, but this is one piece of information I almost wish I missed.

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