Rendezvous Anchorage

Patrick McAneny

It should be obvious ,but for those anchoring in St. Michaels for the first time. The boats will anchor one deep following the shoreline in order to stay out of the channel ,especially closer to town. Further out boats could anchor two deep in a staggered formation. Please leave enough room next to me (Shenanigans ,green sunbrella) for Mike & Tom on Aletes to anchor ,as we are going to raft up on Tue. for the pot luck lunch.

As for Annapolis, you used to be able to anchor anywhere,but for many years now, they require a large channel be left ,big enough for a battle ship to drive through. This leaves a small area along the Academy wall , the channel and then the larger anchorage further out. It is pretty deep 20 to 50 ft. and not particularly well protected ,except ok from the S, Sw ,W. ,hopefully it will be calm. You will want to motor about and look for shallow areas , the depths vary considerably . There is a calm anchorage in Back Creek ,but its very tight,  gets crowded and taken quickly.


Pat & Diane

SM Shenanigans

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