Instruction on how to take the Sharki Furler apart

Etske Moerman Kroon <hajukas@...>

Dear Tom,

Thanks for the advice. I got the engine restored by our local
starterengine shop (costs € 400,00, but it was a rustdump before and
new now).
After a lot of WD40 the shear pin came out, but still the manual wheel
is stuck to the box. Therefore I released the bolts which hold the
aluminium profile to the wheel and now there sepparated.

After a day of WD40 and using ample force the box starts to move
again. The wheel turns on handforce and goes smoother every minute.
Only the lever doesn't get into gear anymore. Beneath the axial
conextion between the engine and the actual roller there's a aluminium
housing. How do I get into there? And what can I expect to find inside
(what kindof clutch etc.).

Thanks, Hajé

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