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James Cromie

Same thing happened to me!

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Hi Bill,


Yes! The secret switch.


Funny side note: I first read about this switch on the forum. It was very timely. A few weeks later, I was doing some work in the area of the secret switch and must have bumped it. The next time I went to start the engine, guess what? Thanks to this forum I knew what I had done.



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And the "secret switch."


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It is going to be a problem in one of two areas. The starter or the panel (fuse or key switch). This is assuming you have already checked the engine start battery? If you haven’t checked the battery, jump if from one of the house batteries. Unless you have a good load tester, the battery may be bad but still test okay. Easiest way to find out is to jump it.


Buy a heavy duty one of these (any good auto parts store will have one):


Connect this to the starter. Be VERY careful to connect it to the correct terminals (Not the +\-) It connects to the Pos and the S (small) terminal on the starter. Turn the ignition on. Push the button. If the engine starts the problem is in the panel. If the engine doesn’t start, it is the starter. . this little switch basically bypasses the panel and allows you to isolate the problem.


Some people will make the connecting across the starters Pos and S terminals with a screw driver to start the engine. I think this is dangerous and would never recommend it unless it was a last resort. And, you will ruin a perfectly good screwdriver in the process.


Hope this helps.





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Hi all. My Yanmar 4JH4HTE 110 HP has been flawless for 5 years except for a starter that had to be replaced last year. When I had to move Kristy from a slip at the boat yard to the travel lift, she wouldn’t start.

There is no power getting to the starter. I hear the floating ground solenoid click when I push the stop button and turn the key to the glow plug position, but not when I turn the key to “Start”. I am getting power at the 12v hubs on the forward bulkhead of the engine room.

I’m thinking it’s probably the key switch on the Yanmar panel, but wondered if a bad diode in the floating ground setup could keep it from starting, too. Any other ideas?
I doubt the mechanic here will have a clue about how the floating ground works.

Also, my engine hour meter seems to be counting hours, but the display only comes on intermittently. I’m guessing there’s a loose wire but haven’t found it yet. Could this be connected somehow?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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