Re: Yanmar starting problem

SV Perigee

Hi Mark,

Good to know that your found the cause.  And a simple one at that.  Whew.


I had a similar situation, no go on the YANMAR, for no apparent reason.

It turned out to be the isolating solenoid on the 12V -ve side was sticking.  Easily overcome, as the solenoid has a manual override - a rubber bell housing covers one end of the solenoid, allowing you to manually activate the solenoid with the press of a finger.  This does however require one person in the engine room, and one at the helm - that is, unless you have one of those snazzy by-pass do-dads as elsewhere recommended.  Once the solenoid was activated manually a few times, it would then work by itself when the start circuit was activated - and a judicious squirt of CorrosionX has seen no further problems in this area (thus far).

  Perigee, SM#396
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