Is this the end of an era?


I was just looking at  and was very surprised to see that only two models are listed, the 50 and the 64.

Has the 55 been officially dropped from production?  That would certainly explain why it is not on display at either the Newport nor Annapolis boat shows.

I really don't feel that the 50 or the 64 come from the same "genetics" as the Sharki, the Maramu, the Santorin, or the Super Maramu, despite superficial similarities in appearance. Certainly the 55 is a very different boat that any of the older models, but I can still follow a path to see where it came from.  I know things change, and I certainly do not pretend to understand the worldwide sailboat market, but still I feel like something is missing. 

I certainly do wish Chantiers Amel well, but it seems they aren't building my boats anymore. 

Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie

St Michaels, MD, USA

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