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smiles bernard

Thanks for his Bill. 
I really need something like this
I reworded my last boat and labelled everything loudly. It was a real help even though I knew the systems well

I think having a supply of cable ties you can label will be on my Christmas list!

All the very best

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It is always a problem to follow a previous owner who either did not document changes and/or did not label wires. I am sure that you will act differently. The best way to label a wire is with a white sleeve over the wire, but that is not always possible. I found some wire-ties with a label tag that helped me.

There are all sorts of styles of these attachable labels. Here is a link to one of them:


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Just to say that I’ve now managed to trace the problem. 

Luckily one of the cabin lights had new cable with  unusual colours so I managed to follow that to locate the fuse 
Sadly these lights are sharing with other equipment so it’s another job on the to-do list which only even seems to grow !

All the best


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Hello there

I’m on day 2 of a low value treasure hunt.

I’m hunting for a fuse for my cabin lights

I did something stupid trying to fix the fridge light which must be wired into the same circuit so the cabin lights are now out.
Lights in the forepeak, both heads and aft cabin are fine fortunately.

I suspect that all the older Maramus have been adapted over the years and have fuses in different places but in case there is some hidden nook I’ve not yet discovered . . . .

I’ve tested all fuses in and around the circuit board area and behind the chart table, hunted in the engine bay, looked under the mast step and poked about all manner of dark corners but still lights are out

The lights must be wired direct to the battery as there is sadly no main switch to follow from.

Any thoughts about hidden areas I should explore would be very welcome !

All the best


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