Re: Is this the end of an era?

Ian Park

The 50 is indeed a lovely boat with many of the cherished AMEL features.
We toured it at the Southampton boat show and given a magical windfall would have been the boat we would have chosen to order.
From my own limited ocean cruising perspective, I have learnt to appreciate the attributes of a ketch. I also like the two bow lockers, the vast cockpit locker and the port side ‘Liferaft’ locker which are absent on the 50. Most importantly my 3 year old grandson is able to run all through my Santorin with handholds within easy grasp everywhere. Guess the SM is the same. The 50 needs some additional heavy weather poles down below for an older guy like me to feel secure.
However, a very nice boat and given the price of buying a new one I am very happy about the stability of the re sale value of my current AMEL.
They have to be competitive to survive and it immediately got Cruising Boat of the Year. So hats off to the AMEL team.
Ocean Hobo SN96

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