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Ryan Meador

When I redid the hatches on my old boat, Atkins and Hoyle recommended GE SCS2000 silicone.  It worked great and was still strong and leak-free when I sold the boat 7 years later.  Also at the recommendation of A&H, I used Silaprene (though I'm not sure which specific variant) for attaching new hatch gaskets at the same time and it held up great.

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I believe you are confusing Plexiglas with Lexan . Lexan is stronger that Plexiglas but scratches much easier. If it is also not UV treated it will yellow with age. Plexiglas-acrylic is preferred for glazing.
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Hmm, thanks, Gabriele,  I didn't realize that.  When I ordered the new lens, I was told I could either have acrylic or plexiglass.  Acrylic being stronger, but Plexiglass being more resistant to scratches.

Here's a blurb I just found: Although Plexiglass is a form of acrylic plastic, there are subtle differences between the two types. Plexiglass has the distinction of being harder than normal acrylic which makes it easier to drill and cut without breakage. Additionally, Plexiglass is more chemical resistant than traditional acrylic.

I looked it up on Dow's info page.  Scuffing the acrylic with 80 grit sandpaper, then cleaning with alcohol is recommended with DowCorning's 795.

I'll let everyone know how it turns out.  I'm using DC795 grey color.

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Hi Kent
Acrilic and Plexiglas are the same.
Plexiglas is the trade name given  by the inventor Roehm & Haas ....

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I’m just about to do one on Kristy, Bill.  It had cracked last year and I had it done professionally by a company in Ft Lauderdale.  They used a clear silicone caulk which leaked a couple months later.

From what I’ve been reading, a glazing sealant by Dow (DC795) is what many professionals use, and what I’m going to use.  My hatch lenses are plexiglass, not acrylic.  I don’t know if DC795 works on acrylic or not.

For what it’s worth, there’s another product called DeBond that was designed to release 3M’s 5200 sealant.  I used it to get the hatch frame off of the deck and it made that job, and cleaning the old sealant off of the frame MUCH easier.

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There is a specific silicone for bonding acrylic to aluminum. I forgot which one it was. Last time I called GE silicone division and they gave me the number it is not your regular silicone. Also when I rebuilt my last boat I spoke to the people at Atkins Hoyle. They recommend to prime the edge of the Plexiglas and the frame with toluene . It made the surfaces very sticky and the hatches never leaked. I also used under the genoa cars and the silicone stuck like crazy to it...  Be careful as it is very toxic.
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On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 12:02 PM, greatketch@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:

Has anyone else had the need to re-seal the lens into one of the Goit deck hatches?  I just had one pop loose.

I've reset the lenses of other brands before, bedding them down in silicone, but just wondering if anyone knows of anything "unusual" about the Goit hatches?


Bill Kinney
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