Climma has got me stumped

Mark Erdos


The rear AC unit aboard our boat has always been the most finicky when the strainer is dirty.  It is the first to get the HP error and normally I can change the strainer to make it happy. There are times when the entire AC system needs to be flushed and I can normally tell by the exit stream.


However, this is a little different. I am getting an HP error within a few minutes of start up. The system is really clean and I have an excellent jet stream of water exiting the boat. The other two units are working like champs.


The cooling pipes n the rear unit around the compressor feel normal. The top coil is hot, the lower coil is warm when the unit runs. After it give the HP error and shuts down, the coiling tubes instantly feel cool meaning I have a good flow of water.


Does anyone know if there is any other condition that would cause an HP error?


I am stumped!




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