Olivier Beaute to New Zealand

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all, particularly New Zealand based Amelians. I checked with the moderator before posting this and of course got Oliviers permission.

Olivier Beaute the well known specialist in Amel yachts is coming to New Zealand soon to do work with some owners. Kindly he has offered to make himself available for consultation with any others who may be interested. It is a great opportunity for us antipodeans to have access to someone of Oliviers experience. He worked for Amel in France for many years and now operates a private consultancy. I doubt if there is any other individual with his knowledge of Amel yachts.

He will be in New Zealand from October the 27th leaving on November the 3rd. He has appointments in Auckland, Whangarei, and possibly Whangaroa or Opua.

His contact email is  olivierbeaute@... if you wish to contact him. 

He emailed me in reply to my question and said "You may post about my visit in Auckland on the yahoo forum and I'll do my best to meet the local Amel owners who may have questions".

Danny Simms

SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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