Loose Screw in Passage way

WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Amelies

I observed a vibration in the passage-way when engine was running on my AMEL-54. 

I found two big screw (see pictures) opposite of the battery compartment, and tried to tighten the one who was loose. But suddenly when I touched the screw it was not holding at all and I was able to pull out by hand. The bolt is 70mm x 12mm

I have not discovered a screw-nut or thread counterpart inside. I was not able to find out for what those screens are and what they hold. From the other-side in the engine room, I have no access because there is the fuel-tank and I don't think these bolts are fixing the fuel-tank? There are only 2 screw-bolts, one at the very beginning and one at the end of the passageway.

Does anyone know what these screws are for, and what they fixing/holding?

Is it just to hold the wood panel in the passage-way? Or its it part of the fuel-tank?

Hope someone of you can give me a hint or an inside few, so I can fix it. 

Thanks and looking forward for many advices



SY WASABI, A-54#55

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