Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] bow thruster electrical failure

Peter Killen

Dave, it sounds as if the fuse located in a small junction box next to the
bowthruster has blown. That happened me in the past. Very simple to
replace. Regards, Peter SM Pure Magic

2008/11/2 drdavegoodman <>

Greetings all.
My bowthruster on SM#230 suddenly failed.. The bowthruster is in the
up position. Flipped the control panel switch to the 'on position' to
lower the motor unit, and the control panel red light indicator did
not come on, and the motor to lower the bowthruster did not operate.
Its as if there is no power getting to either the control panel or
lowering motor unit. I checked the circuit breaker on the 24volt
electrical panel and that is working properly. Wonder what to do next
to trouble shoot the problem. Any ideas?

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