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In the USA you can only use the tricolor while sailing. It is not used while motoring or motor sailing.

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Hi Paul,

   congrats on the new boat.  My older SM #37 had rail mounted lights but they failed at some point before I bought the boat.  A previous owner switched to using a trcolor mast head light in place of the deck level lighting.  If you don't have the wiring already run for deck lights the tricolor may be the quickest way to get into compliance.  A note, I think Joel Potter said that at one point  the deck lights were an "option" but all boats were wired for them.  Check around in the forward lockers and see if you can find wires going toward the forward tooe rail.


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Hello all.  My new to me SM2K hull # 238 was built for a French customer (named Henri Amel incidentally) and was built with no deck-level running lights.  Apparently they are /were not required in France at that time and no subsequent owners felt they needed to uprade to be in compliance with COLREGS. 


Obviously I need them since international COLREGs require them when steaming.  And common sense says they are necessary when steaming, especially in close quarters.


I do not know how to search this forum for old posts so I apologize if I am rehashing an old thread, but I would love to hear if any others have had this problem and how they dealt with it.   Specifically, the problem is getting wire into the bow pulpit when it wasn't constructed with wire access.  There is no hole between the sail locker and the inside of the angled bow pulpit stanchion.    Also, the best location and mounting hardware for the bow lights and any problems with aftermarket installations.  The stern light should not be difficult-- I am thinking of putting the stern light on the solar arch rather than the stern railing.


I will be in Martinique in a few weeks.  Do you know if the yard there has specifically dealt with this retrofit on a SM?


Thanks in advance for any advice.


Paul Cooper

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