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smiles bernard

Could I ask how peoples emergency tiller cap is attached to the boat?
Mine cap has a stainless eyebolt protruding from its top but it’s not attached by this to anything. 
I presume it is supposed to be lashed to a fixed point somewhere but can’t see an obvious place. 

Many thanks in advance 

Maramu 162

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A second vote for Florida Bearings as an O-ring supplier.  Bearings and lip seals too.  They don't always stock the metric sizes, but can order them in quickly.

On our boat we found that cap to be an annoying leak source.  For reasons not at all clear to me, there were a great many fine gelcoat cracks right across the O-ring sealing surface, or what SHOULD have been the O-ring sealing surface. We had two choices, carefully fix every one of the fine crazing cracks,  and prep the area back to a standard suitable for an o-ring seal--or something else.  

We did... something else and used a little silicone sealant to glue down the cover.  Nothing that a screwdriver (or desperate fingernails) couldn't remove posthaste in an emergency.  Leaks no more.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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