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I assume KRISTY is still on the hard.  Maybe you should measure the voltage between the rail and earth, and the windlass case and earth. Let me know...I have several ideas. 

And, the guy must have been touching something other than the switch and the rail because the switch is rubber.


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Thanks Steve.  I just ran new wires to the port nav light last year. I’ll look there first.

Thinking out loud here:
So that means there was a fault in the windlass energizing the case (? Dust from the contacts?), and the circuit is completed by the negative wire from the nav light?  Light doesn’t have to be on because switch for the lights is on the (+) wire, (-) is always connected.  If it were the (+) wire from the light, it would only be hot when the switch for the light was on.  Uhhhh, right???

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Hey Kent,

Had a similar problem on Aloha a few years ago. It was a part of the nav light wire which had brittle insulation and exposed wire was making contact with inside of rail. It would give you a mild DC shock. 

Good luck sorting out the problem. 

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Hello Amelians,

I just heard from the yard where I am having work done on Kristy.
One of the guys in the yard guy a shock while operating the windlass by the switch on the windlass and at the same time touching the lifeline rail.

They don’t have any clue about the Amel “ floating ground” and want to blame the shock on the floating ground. I assured them that this was highly unlikely, but I am not sure what is going on here.

Both the windlass and lifeline rail are exposed to sea water.
Are the lifeline rails connected to the bonding system? If so, where is the connection?
Is the windlass connected to the bonding system? If so, where?

Does anyone have an idea of how I should go about trouble-shooting this “shocking” problem?

The yard worker was using the button switch that raises the anchor, which is working as it should. The button switch that lowers the chain works only intermittently, and the up and down toggle switch at the helm works correctly. There was no shock when touching the windlass and rail unless the up switch was activated. The windlass did bring the chain up.

This sounds like a potentially dangerous situation, so I am anxious to find the problem and get it repaired.

Thank you for any advice. I will report what I find.

Happy sailing, Fair Winds, and Respect de la Mer.
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