Making O Rings


We have had really good luck with an O Ring Splicing kit.  You can buy these in metric or inch versions and they come with a tool that helps you size and cut it AND line it up when gluing. e.g. They come in a plastic box kit.  You can also find them on eBay and Amazon and I think Buna and Loctite are the best known. It is almost impossible to carry all the O ring sizes we have on our boats.  Sometimes, if an O ring is missing you have to buy several "guesses" to fit it and a kit eliminates that problem as you can size it by measuring diameter and length in place before you make it.  Looked around--this guy made a YouTube on it  and this boater made one You would think that the glued splice would be a weak point but as a test have stretched these beyond recognition without having it separate at the splice.  

Bob and Suzanne

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