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You’re talking about the center pole on AC plugs, right?  Nothing AC alive on Kristy when shock occurred.  No shore power connected, although worker might have dragged a 110AC extension aboard.

When you short a 12v battery between pos and neg, you get a huge arc.  Why wouldn’t that shock the crap out of you?  Direct current shock is what we use to shock the heart back into rhythm, gives the patient a big jolt.  

Kent Robertson
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When you measure that potential Bill R suggests, be sure you measure it both as AC and DC voltages.  If you find a significant AC voltage between the windlass and earth, I would unplug from shore power right away, confirm that the voltage has gone away, and stay unplugged until the problem is diagnosed and fixed.

If there is any kind of cross connection between an AC "hot" wire and the DC system, or the bonding wires it has the potential to be quite dangerous.

Bill Kinney
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