Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] mail and package forwarding while cruising

Ryan Meador

So it sounds like SBI is the way to go.  Their website doesn't have much to say about how they handle packages.  Is it reasonably priced to have them ship larger things?  They say they always ship via USPS, so it that a reliable service in most places?  I've heard FedEx is the only way to get things in a timely manner on many smaller islands.


Ryan and Kelly
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I used SBI for 7 years, while we lived in France.  They give you a US address in Florida, and are very good at handling mail and even packages.  They sort out the junk, and make sure you get the stuff that you need.

Since they are in Florida, you can get a Florida drivers license and domicile, which can be important for tax and other financial purposes.  The local officials also seem to understand what is going on, and do not summon you to sit on juries when you are 4000 miles away...

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