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Mr Olivier Beauté of the After Sale Service of Amel ( in french Service Après Vente or SAV) has replaced  Mr Sello who held this job for more than 3 decades.
I am not certain Mr Beauté has maintained the procedure followed by Mr Sello pursuant to which a written record was maintained for each and every boat produced by the yard. Any repair by the Amel yard or parts ordered from Amel for a specific boat was, at the time, added to the file.
When, I investigated 3 or 4 Amel boats listed for purchase in 2003, I was supprised to discover how much the SAV knew about the various units... However, obviously, the SAV does not know of work carried on by owners or other buyers beware 
A serious french surveyor  retained to advise on the purchase of a Amel, will routinely check with SAV for such record... It was the case with a surveyor of Guadeloupe, Mr Christian Mir.
Serge Tremblay, Mango #51

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They speak english at Amel. In the past they have been very helpful and it seemed like they knew my individual boat.

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We may be nearing the purchase of an Amel and would like to know what
type of support you have found from the factory, and any other good
parts source where Amels are concerned?

The one we are looking at needs work (Why I can afford it) and
unfortunately I do not speak French so talking to the factory seems

What have you folks found?


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