Holding Tank Retrofit on SM

Steven Bode - SV Intention 1994-SM#117


I intend to retrofit holding tanks on my 1994 SM #117. Looking for more info on how someone has done this. I have searched here for "tanks" and aside from a good reference for a Vetus WASTE WATER TANK 60 LTR. SKU: WW60W, which is very helpful, I've found little else. I am curious about the installation on the SM. I want to put my tanks behind the shelving facia in the head, but how do you get the facia off the shelves? Mine is fiberglassed in. I don't see how it's coming off without a sawsall. Does anyone have any information and/or pictures of how the got their holding tank in there? Did your facia just unscrew? Please provide year/Vessel # for reference.

Many thanks,

-Steve Bode

SV Intention


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