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What you want is the Raymarine M81137 Type 2 Rotary Drive 24V. You will also need an A/B switch, probably from Raymarine, but any switch which will take 2 pair of wires and direct the Course Computer OUT to 2 different sources will work as long as it will switch 10 amps. You will need a chain sprocket to attach to the Helm Axle. The attached photo may help you and here are some links to the drive I speak of:

When completing the installation you will need to switch polarity of the chain drive motor. you can do this at the A/B switch. If not, when the chain drive is selected, the rudder will turn in the opposite direction from what is needed.

DO NOT FORGET: All of these 24 Volt Drives have a 12 Volt clutch...if you connect the clutch to 24 volts, you will fry it.

I answered your questions, BUT, there is a better way to have drive redundancy. Simply buy a second Raymarine M81134 Type 2 Long Linear Drive 24 Volt. It is very easy to swap out the linear drive and you should know that the rotary drive is noisy.

I hope this helps you in your decision.


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We want mount an extra autopilot on SM 435, VISTA.

The one we have now is on the quadrant .

You who have done this which type and model?

And where is it mounted?

arthur sundqvist


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