Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] I think I found friendship II

John Clark

Yes same person.

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When I sailed my Super Maramu in the ARC in 2003, Bob Stewart, not “Stuart”, sailed Friend Ship II, a new Super Maramu.  Are we thinking of the same person?  I would be much relieved to hear he was alive.

Mark Pitt
Sabbatical III, Lanzarote

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I spoke to Bob last week.  As Joel said he is not planning to sell the boat.  He had some family issues which kept him away from the boat, but intends to return in a few months.   

   Regards,  John

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Hello everyone. I sold that boat to the original and only owner Bob Stuart. It has been around the world. I spoke to the owner about a year, maybe two, ago and had a lengthy conversation with him. He had no intention of selling the boat and made no mention of an imminent demise or serious health problems.


I believe I still have contact information for him in a hard file in my desk at my home office in Florida. I am in California inspecting and listing some Amel boats and will try to contact Bob when I get home. If successful, I will let all know what I discover.


All The Best, Joel



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That serial number makes her a 2004 (built in June of 2003).  What a shame.  


Brent Cameron (Future SM owner)

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