TMD22 Turbo to Injector Pump tube

Mike Ondra

After removing the turbo in the process of diagnosing a low RPM (2400 max with clean bottom and prop) issue and cleaning it up, it seems to be OK. However there is a damaged tube that leads from the top of the Injector Pump to a fitting near the bottom of the turbo. In the diagram below it starts with part 61 at the Injector Pump and proceeds to the turbo directly in our installation (we don't have the intervening parts 60-65, just part 28). On ours this is a small (maybe 1/8") black flexible plastic(?) tube. Does anyone know the functionality of this connection? Might it contribute to low RPM? Seems odd to be feeding diesel fuel to the turbo.


Mike Ondra


Rock Hall, MD (soon to be in St. Augustine for the winter)

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