Repowering: Good running Volvo D3 or rebuild Perkins Prima 80T??

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey all.... So I'm repowering my SM and have been presented (maybe) with two options: Complete overhaul and rebuild/rebore of the original Perkins Prima 80T (80 horses) or dropping in the Volvo D3 out of a 54 (110 hp). I know they're completely different beasts, and I'd love the extra HP, but am also more interested in absolute reliability. The Volvo is claimed to run perfectly by people I trust (the future rebuilder of the Perkins and the previous owner of my boat, who is probably reading this and who has been nothing but 1000% honest with me). 

I've done some research and read that Volvos dont seem much desired and/or finicky and/or expensive to fix. BUT that's a lotta extra juice :) My question: Is it worth the squeeze? 

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