Re: Repowering: Good running Volvo D3 or rebuild Perkins Prima 80T??

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey guys, thank you so much for the input... y'all confirmed what I was thinking already, just those pangs of vestigial greed (cheaper! more power!) are hard to ignore! 

I'm repowering because my perkins has about 7500 hours on it and smokes a little more than I'd like. Still runs like a beast, but we're setting off on a multi-year circumnavigation soon and I want it to be fresh and good for another 8k hours. I have a quote to rebuild it completely (quite a bit more than 2500 USD, but it's a complete workover and we are in the EU after all...sigh). So yeah, anyway, I'll stick to my little perkins! 

Thanks again! 

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