Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Climma AC - Breaker Tripping - New unit recommendations?

eric freedman


I used the Dometic unit. A very simple installed an  inexpensive.

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I had a problem earlier this year with the heater not working, so I replaced the three smaller capacitors and it began working again.


Then when it got to the summer, the AC stopped working - the compressor would not start.  I rechecked the capacitors, and all were within spec.  I decided to have a tech work on it and when we turned on the power to the unit it immediately tripped the boat breaker - this was new - before the unit just wouldn't start.  The other two units run fine, so I don't think it's the dock power.


The technician checked for a short to the compressor case, which he said was the leading cause of tripping the breaker, but there was no short.  He recommended a new unit as more cost effective than repair.  As he was leaving he recommended I check the power coming to the unit to be sure the short wasn't in the power supply.


I checked the breaker and have continuity when on and none when off.  I took the wires off the AC and the breaker and the wires have continuity, so no broken wires.  I put the wires back on the breaker and checked continuity at the AC unit with the breaker on (and power off) and that's fine.  With the power wires disconnected from the unit and the breaker and power ON nothing trips the breaker.

In an earlier thread, several people recommended the thermostat as the problem, the tech opined that if it were the problem, it would not trip the breaker.


Any other ideas for troubleshooting?  I've read that the relays sometimes fail, are they the clear plastic enclosed things in the box with the capacitors?


Coastal Climate Control quotes a replacement Climma 9EH at $3,228.  They also sell "Marinaire" brand, a 9,000BTU unit is quoted at $1,399 but it's a 60HZ unit.  What other brands have you replaced this with?




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