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eric freedman

There is a little white thing on the control box with the power wires running through it, It is screwed into the chassis I thought it was called a thermistor but it is not and I forgot what it is called. That thing was the problem with my Climma unit.

Sorry I cannot help any further. Just trace the incoming power to the control box and you will find .it.

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Does not the blower come on first before the compressor?  Timing may give you a clue where to look. When it’s my compressor then it runs a few seconds until it tries to start the compressor and then bam. 


Also if turned to heat mode and no breaker blow then you can rule out fan as being the fault. And also then highly question the compressor/ compressor capacitor correct?  

Just some thoughts. 


I’ve blown a lot of capacitors. They are always highly suspect even if I recently tested them. 







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For what it is worth:

There are many causes of a short or ground-fault causing this symptom. The ones I know about are in order of probability, followed by a possible solution:

  1. There is a wire inside the control box grounding to the case. This is possible because you have been inside the control box - Check very carefully
  2. There are two more capacitors that you did not change...they are the compressor start and run capacitors - Change them
  3. Corrosion on the Main Control PCB - clean and use CorrosionX
  4. Corrosion on the PCB on the ON/OFF thermostat module  - test by removing small green/yellow wire (EARTH) on the metal frame of the thermostat module, taking appropriate safety precautions...if you don't know how to safely do this, don't do it. If the AC stops tripping, there is a short in the  thermostat module and it is probably caused by corrosion - clean and use corrosionX
  5. Short in the Blower Unit - replace the blower about $375 
  6. Sort in the Compressor unit - Buy a new AC.

If I had completed 1-4 above, without success, I would buy the Blower Unit. Even if it changing the blower with a new one didn't solve your problem, you will have 2 more chances of using it.😀




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Thanks Mark.



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