Climma A/C saltwater plumbing - I was wrong!



About 10 years ago someone from Amel explained to me the saltwater plumbing to the Climma Compact units were in series with the cooling water getting progressively warmer with each unit. When I looked at each visible hose, it appeared that they were in series.

With the help of Rob Warren at Coastal Climate Control and Thierry Billard at Amel, this has been clarified. The units are plumbed parallel.

I have been wrong about this for 10 years because the parallel hose junctions are hidden and only one inlet and output at each Climma Unit. Also, many years ago when someone told me they were in series and I did not check! (always measure twice😀).

Later today I will upload a waterflow diagram that illustrates this.

I apologize for the error and hope that this did not cause any issues for you, especially Loca Lola who installed AC units recently based on my instructions.


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