Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] model number of CAT pump on watermaker.

Heinz Stutenbaeumer

Thanks Bill,

Wat is The better Choice 230V/50Hz/1ph , 13,67 A, 2,2 kW,  2800 U/min operating capacitor

Ore                                       230V/50Hz/1ph , 13,67 A, 2,2 kW,  1400 U/min operating capacitor


Best Heinz


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Why are you ordering a 3-phase electric motor? You need to check this carefully. Your generator is single phase, so is shore power except if you have a very large yacht.


The CAT pump you are ordering is NOT the original OEM pump.


I will send you some information on the motor and pump later today.


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Hello all


After the manufacturer of my duo 160 L had offered me a price of 1350,00 Euro + 750,00 Euro = 2100,00 Euro for the delivery in Panama only for the 220 V engine, I decided to contact CAT - Pumps with the request to make me an offer for a pump with 220 V engine.


I received the following offer.

1 CAT PUMPS high pressure plunger pump Model: 3CP1231, Pump head: stainless steel, Seal material: NBR, Plunger: Ceramic, Flow rate: 7.5 l/min, Operating pressure: 140 bar, Speed: 1420 min-1

Drive: direct, by means of elastic clutch, the pump is controlled by a pump support flange-mounted to the engine

Motor: three-phase motor 2.2 kW 4-pole, 3~230/400 V - 50 Hz, Building..: B34 Insulation class: F, Protection class IP55


Pump-motor-unit completely mounted on

Base plate (stainless steel) with rubber-bonded metals at the Underside.

Total 1492,00 Euro.


That  is a big  difference.

I have now ordered a similar engine in Berlin, which I will take with me in the plane to Panama. It costs 350,00 Euro.

If the pump has to be replaced I will reorder it.

I will let you know if this works.


Fair Winds

Heinz Stutenbäumer SM 2000, 292

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