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For those still interested the Marina ZZ is still available in France. Reya is now Vidal Marine They sell it through third party vendors such as “”. Price is €793.36 tax included. 
Pretty expensive compared to the Vetus pump. 

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OK, here goes, and I apologize for the LOOOONG reply.

The last gray water pumps that Amel installed were Reya, but that is because Reya bought the company that made the Marina ZZ pump. It has a rated capacity of 30 liters/min 1800 liter/hour. Reya no longer sells this Marina ZZ. This pump was the Amel OEM pump installed on most SMs and all 54s.

A good replacement for the above is: Vetus WASTE PUMP, 24V SKU: EMP14024B Self-priming pump designed to prevent blockages when pumping water with solids. Rated at 27 l/min. LINK:
OR, Johnson Pumps 10-13373-08 Viking Power 32 Vacuum Pump, 24V Rated at 32 liters/min LINK:

Both of the above pumps are diaphragm type pumps and rated for waste water containing solids...this is important.

The manual pump is also rated at 30 liters/minute

Of course these guys know nothing and don't understand that you do not have a common bilge and that you have watertight compartments. It may be difficult to educate them, so I suggest that you buy this pump. Have a long electrical cord and discharge hose. Have it ready to deploy. AND, you can use it to pump out your freshwater tank when cleaning: Rule 1100 GPH Non-Automatic, Bilge Pump, Submersible LINK:

Good luck with your insurance company. I was able to educate Velos Insurance UK.


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Could anyone pls confirm the flow of the A54 bilge pump? it is a REYA tipo Marina.
We have seen in a separate thread that the SM one is rated 75L/min (~19GPM), and same for the manual.
Wondering if the SM and A54 share the same specs, and same combined bilge pumping capacity (yes, over the 25GPM required by some insurances...)


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