Antifouling and winter berthing in Spain

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

We have used Micron Extra for the past six years and are very happy
with it.It lasts for over two years provided that if the boat is
hauled out during that time we succeed in stopping the yard from
blasting it with high pressure hoses. We just wipe it down with a
soft cloth or sponge keeping it wet with a hose until the slime has
all been wiped off. We do use a high pressure hose to clean the hull
when it is hauled out to be anti fouled again but we are careful to
keep the end of the jet at least three feet or half a metre away from
the hull as Amel suspect that high pressure hoses are a major cause
of osmosis. If any growth appears during the season I wipe the hull
down with a soft sponge using SCUBA kit. I have a long pessure hose
to link me with the air bottle which remains on deck and find this
system good for cleaning the prop which is so sensitive to any growth.

There is a new marina being completed at Sant Carles de la Rapita on
the east coast of Spain about 90 miles north east of Mallorca and
about half way between Barcelona and Valencia. The developers are MDL
Ltd, a big player in the marina markets on the south coast of
England. All the pontoons are in place and the office building is
also in use. The hard standing area is under construction and a
travel hoist will be provided very soon. Berths are for sale or rent
and there is a special deal on offer as the marina is not complete
yet.Bali Hai is there on a pontoon pending completion of the hard
standing and the rate for winter storage for a 15 metre boat is only
about 1800 euros for October to end May 2009 including haul out and
launch. Power and water are not metered and will remain so. We are
told that it does not get cold enough to freeze water during the
winter. The location is very sheltered and I would not expect to see
a swell in the marina except perhaps in a strong south easterly and
probablly not even then.
Contact is

Best wishes, Anne and John, SM319

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