Winterising diesel engines

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

We have downloaded advice contained in the latest issue of the
R.Y.A.Newsletter. and it is in the files section.
We have never removed the impellors during winter storage but if you do
not we recommend filling the sea water cooling system with fresh water
for this period in order to prevent barnacle growth in the sea water
system and especially in the impellor pump body as we think that the
baby barnacles are what damages the impellor on start up next season.
It is easily done.
Turn off the sea water cock under the seawater filter. Take the top
off the filter and stand over it with a fresh water hose. Have someone
start the engine and keep the filter filled to the top whilst the
engine flushes itself. Have someone stop the engine and start the
generator to flush that out before stopping the generator and turning
off the freshwater. If you are still going to be using the aircon and
heads put the top back on the filter and open the sea cock.
Obviously if you are not going to use the aircon and heads flush those
out whilst the filter is open. If the boat is hauled out there is no
reason why this procedure should not be followed on the hard.

Best wishes, Anne and John, SM319

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