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Mike Ondra

Hello to the many, like me, is search of the elusive toe rail pulley (aka headsail car drive pulley).

Inquiries to Maud at SAV Amel since August have yielded  the same response – €214 each, not in stock, don’t know when, but will put you on the waiting list.

Some have looked into machining from aluminum or printing in stainless steel…any luck?

I have looking into the Andersen Winch fixed line tender (aka Amel mainsheet traveler tender) as that is the same function and size. While pricey, it seems also to be unavailable…at least I have not been able to find one new or used. (Should be a marine salvage part.)

Has anyone found a source?


Mike Ondra



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We have the same problem with one of ours.

I modeled the pulley, and we are having a test unit printed out of 316 stainless. (See attached.) My guess is that it will take a couple of iterations to get this part completely right. Will let you know how it turns out.


Kelly + Ryan

SM233 Iteration 




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On my Super Maramu 2000 I have the two pulley cracked ! (they are maked "AMEL")

Amel have no delivery time for this spare part .......

It seams that I am not the only one with this problem ....

Did any one of you solved this without AMEL part ?




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