High Pitched Alarm coming from somewhere around the Nav Station

Mark Garver

We had the boat put on the hard when Hurricane Florence was off shore, not knowing if it would create storm surge, or even impact the Mobjack Bay area because we were back in Texas. I got back to the boat yesterday and it was in the water and I began ensuring all of the systems were turned on etc.

I noticed they hadn't turned on the 50Hz inverter, and since it was piping hot on the boat I wanted to run the A/C. As soon as I turned it on I got an AC Overload fault and this high pitch alarm started from behind the nav station. I turned of the Charger/Inverter and walked the boat and found they had left the AC units on, so I turned each of them off, came back and turned on the 50Hz Charger and Inverter, everything came up fine except... I still have this aggravating noise that has now been going on for 15 hours. Yesterday, when it first happened I thought it was a low battery warning so I just went about other projects, yet this morning, woke up and the alarm noise is still going and the batteries show Full Charge.

Any one have ideas?


S/V It's Good
SM #105
Gloucester, VA

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