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I am fairly certain that John Clark is describing the Climma engine room mounted AC compressors found in early model SMs with Climma 2-part ACs. The Heat Exchanger (HX) will be on the compressor in the engine room and not on the Blower/Evaporator mounted inside the boat. I imagine that what John describes is exactly what will happen when the AC HXs are plumbed parallel, whether they are located in the engine room as 2-part ACs, or located in various places inside the boat as Climma Compact 1-part units (like you have).


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Based on the Amel Appendix sketch of seawater flow, if the aft cabin AC unit heat exchanger was plugged, then the other two units would not get any flow.  Also, if the AC HX was blocked, would not the seawater pump would trip its breaker?   Also, if the two forward AC's were not getting any flow they would trip their breakers (you can check this by closing the seacock, which I did once inadvertently). 

This doesn't seem like a good idea on the face of it to me (but then what I don't know would fill volumes...).  However it seems to work pretty well.

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