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Patrick McAneny

Craig, The reason that tape was suggested was the concern for sealant clogging things up,which made sense to me. The leak it just around the male threads as they come out of the H.P. pump. , funny all three are leaking.

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Hi Pat,
I think the conventional wisdom is do not use teflon tape as there is risk of a piece getting loose and clogging things downstream. Paste sealant is preferred. Then again, if you're really, really careful, maybe, but why risk it for a cheap tube of paste.

I've got a Northern Lights, not Onan, but suspect the hpp assembly is similar, with a reducing nipple coming out of the hpp and the injector pipes fastened to the smaller end. If your is like that, can you definitively tell which end of the nipple is leaking? 

On mine, a couple of months ago, it was the larger end at the hpp.  That's sealed inside the hpp with an O ring so I took it to an diesel pump shop to redo - I don't open my injector pumps myself - and it had 7500 hours, so it was due for servicing anyway. If your leak is at the small end to the injector pipe, sure, try some seaant.

Good luck with i t,  Craig, SN68 Sangaris

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I am sorry , I failed to mention that the leak is on the Onan Gen engine ,not the Volvo. 

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I have discovered that all three nipples screwed into the high pressure pump are leaking around the threads. I have a Volvo TMD22a . I could only get a wrench on the one on the end and tightened it a bit, but still leaking. I was told that I should reinstall them with teflon tape  around the threads. Would this be the recommended way to go? I am afraid a sealant may find its way into the system. Secondly, will I be able to bleed the air at the pump , or will I need to bleed the system at the injectors ?
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