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Thanks very much for that. I will share this with all Amel School Clients.


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Hello Alain,
A friend of me make me a prototype of the pulley in a technical plastic, it seems very, very fine, and with plastic NO corrosion is possible !
He test the pulley at 500kN ..

The probem with the AMEL pulley is the MEGA corrosion between the steinless steel and the aluminium.

This caused :
1-My first AMEL poulley was brocken in 3 parts !
2-My second AMEL poulley was not brocken BUT the steinless schaft was in bad condition ....

I am very angry after AMEL because the pulley is of poor quality that the piece is not available, cost for 2 pieces 500 or 600 euros ....

You can contact my friend, he will be happy to buy a cople of pulley
Bernard Ancelle
38350 Saint Honoré
0607 490 415
0480 806088

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