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Patrick McAneny

Ryan, The batteries were not being charged. However, I thought of that and placed the unit in the battery compartment,it remained at zero.

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On my old boat, I saw what you experienced many, many times.  I was initially extremely concerned, as one should be.  But then one day my boat got unplugged from shore power by the dock staff, and that night after plugging it back in I was awakened by the CO alarm..  There had been nothing on board that produces CO in many days.  After much experimentation, I proved to my own satisfaction that the CO alarm was actually sensitive to hydrogen gas produced by the batteries when they were excessively charged.  It seems this is true for many CO alarms.

Take the alarm seriously.  Air the boat out well, and take care not to let exhaust inside.  But also check to see if your battery compartment ventilation is working correctly, and also check that your batteries aren't overcharging.  Some chargers will keep the voltage too high even though the batteries are full because other loads (e.g. refrigerator) are making the charger believe the batteries are still accepting a lot of current.

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Good to remind us all.
Also, it is good to close the rear head porthole if running the genset. Our CO2 alarm went off once in the aft cabin and this was where the gas entered.
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We motored home for about six hrs. on Monday ,closed up the boat and went up to the house. Tuesday I went out to find the carbon dioxide alarm beeping in the aft cabin. I took it outside the reading went fro 500 or so to zero,took it back in and it went up again. So be aware of fumes entering the boat while motoring,if one was sleeping in the aft cabin for many hours while motoring it could have a bad outcome. I remember about ten years ago , a little girl died nearby while sleeping on her grandparent's motor yacht while the generator was running. The fumes apparently entered thru a forward hatch. Can't imagine how her grandparents felt. Just thought I would pass is on for what its worth.

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