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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Pat

Thank you very much for this most helpful information. Today I received a quotation here in Cape Town on the Maxprop and it is R56,000 + 15% VAT for what they call the Maxprop 111 40mm shaft to your same spec.

As the two Bill's have recommended I will stay with the Autoprop which I really do like.

Bill Rouse also just reminded me that any fishing line caught around the prop would give these same small vibrations and the other thing I did differently was to put the normal Micron 350 antifoul paint on the prop since my usual "Propspeed" paint was not available in South Africa and their replacement product has poor reviews with some of the other locals I met in the yard.

Quite possibly the micron paint has partially peeled off causing these minor vibrations? We dive on the prop tomorrow.

Best regards

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Colin, I never had the Autoprop ,but I just installed a Max prop classic. I paid about $3400. ,I am very happy with the motoring performance ,as good as the fixed prop. I have yet sailed with it ,but should have less drag than an Autoprop. I have a 78 hp. Volvo TMD22A ,22" prop set at 20 degrees ,approx. a 15/12 pitch. Top rpm is now 200 more at 3300 rpms and 8.5 kts. in flat water, new bottom.


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We serviced our autoprop 18 months ago but with so much time in Asia, Maldives etc with little to no wind we have already exceeded the recommended 800 - 1000hrs use after which it is time to re-service the Autoprop by changing all bearings.

Having done 1400 hrs since the last autoprop bearing replacement we have developed a very slight vibration noticeable at engine speeds over 1800 rpms which we saw previously and which disappeared as son as the autoprop bearings were replaced last time.

I now hear that Amel moved the spec from Autoprop to Maxprop due to similar issues some years after our 2001 SM was manufactured?

Question 1.
Does anyone on this group know the specs of the correct sized Maxprop which would match our Yanmar 75hp on the SM? If not, what is the spec of the Maxprop which Amel fitted to later SM's?

Question 2.
Does anyone here have experience of both the Autoprop and the Maxprop on their SM's? Any noticable difference in performance, top speed and prop noise?

We are in touch with Bruntons in UK and will probably order a replacement bearing set in the next day or so but before I spend that money I would like to think about the alternative of rather moving to a new Maxprop. Any ideas on the prices of these as I believe they are significantly cheaper than the Autoprop?

We arrived into Cape Town early this morning after spending the past 1.75 years seeing all of the Indian Ocean. Great to be in one of the worlds most beautiful cities and back in the Atlantic Ocean. We depart Cape Town for Caribbean in late November.


Colin Streeter
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